• Individual design and adaptation of image processing solutions.
  • Analysis and evaluation of melting process data with advanced machine learning concepts.
  • Provision of interface modules to fully integrate and adapt to existing process control systems.
  • Support in equipping and coordinating camera and sensor installation world wide.
  • Advice on integration of operating data in measures to improve product quality, flow rates, process stability and safety.

Our technologies keep an eye on your processes.

Our consultants lead the view to your revenues.

By transforming conventional melting processes into precisely automated and safe applications, we deliver complete road maps for your Industry 4.0 schedules.

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Our two level program offers both basic and advanced trainings on various topics related to optical flow monitoring in harsh environments.

  • Possibilities and benefits of flexible data collection, processing and analysis in harsh environments
  • Fundamentals of machine vision and machine learning for industrial facilities

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